In 2015, Amanda Smart was a young teacher, hardworking, intelligent and open minded. She purchased a FlexSola type "A" unit and rented the ground floor to Darren Strong, who was on his way to becoming a lawyer. With the money from Darren's rent and the extra electricity generated by the solar panels, Amanda was able to carry the mortgage and make some additional investments, such as saving for retirement. Amanda and Darren became friends. They shared the rooftop garden and laundry, but also discovered they had many common interests, such as enjoying nature, star watching and karate. In 2016, they married. Darren finished his studies and opened his office downstairs. Many of his clients were physically challenged and his ground floor office was fully accessible to wheelchairs. Darren sold his car and because he worked at home, they both shared Amanda's Toyota.

A year later baby Justin came along and with him, a much-needed new laundry facility on the second floor. Amanda's mother moved in to look after the baby when his parents were working. Justin truly enjoyed spending his first years at home, being raised with loving care. As his parents needed extra room, they added an attic including a new bedroom overlooking their livingroom. They called it "our little paradise."
Six years later, in 2023, grandma became confined to a wheelchair. Rather than assigning her to a nursing home, Amanda and Darren decided she should stay with their small family. A lift was installed to allow grandma free access to all floors.

In 2035, grandma passed away and they all missed her very much. By this time, Darren had moved out from downstairs and was now sharing an office with his partner. Justin, now a teenager, moved downstairs into his own apartment. He enjoyed the freedom of coming home late without disturbing the rest of the family. Within 24 months, he left home for university and Amanda and Darren found themselves alone. As the house was now too big for them, they decided to rent the ground floor again. They could also use the money to help pay for Justin's tuition fees.

Justin brought his bride home in 2043. The newlyweds had no money and needed a place to stay. Like most parents, Amanda and Darren decided to help and let the young couple move into the ground floor apartment.  
In 2046, Justin and Alice had a baby. As they needed an extra bedroom, they moved to the second floor. The "little paradise" was large enough for the aging couple. They could also rent the ground floor again. Then, the grandparents moved downstairs and the growing young family could use the attic as well. "Why move," they reasoned, "when we can live in the same house and be independent at the same time?" And most important, they could all care for each other.

And the story of love and success goes on.